‘Mexican-American defends Donald J Trump & Latinos for Trump from George Lopez’ Youtube Video ‘Over 24,000 Views’

Marco  Youtube Video Also a hit with over 12,000 views, Twitter over 4,000 and Facebook Video Over 8,000 views. Combined Total over 24,000+ views.
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Comments supporting the Video: Over 500 comments on Youtube. It is drawing big interest!

Tony Arellano – Very well said amigo, Jorge Lopez ponte afuera de politica payaso! – Youtube

D GOldman – Very well said Marco the Mexico of days gone by is gone. Just like America of days gone by is gone. Let’s look forward to a GREAT America again led by Donald J Trump. Let the leftist non believer non patriot dirt bags leave this country. Maybe they will realize that nobody wants them there either!!!

Darrell Newton – I’m a Chicano , and you sir are a real Mexican that knows the real truth and who seems to believe in American freedom , patriotism, and way of life. George Lopez should be ashamed of himself. What you say is true. You would think he would be advocating the American flag , they contradict themselves when they fly the Mexican flag because their government cares nothing about them despite what they might say , actions, or in this case inactions, speak louder than words. That’s why they come here , to attain something that is not offered in Mexico . And this is how they act. No shame . Good for you carnal ! Trump 2016!

Comments On Twitter have been 99% Positive

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This Video on twitter received over 500,000 impressions. Take a look
#LatinosForTrump Growing Strong On Twitter.

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