How Mark F. @Immigrant4Trump is Helping the #LatinosForTrump Movement

Mark F. @Immigrant4Trump is one of the key leaders of #LatinosForTrump. He Produced/Created over 200 Videos On Youtube/Twitter. Today all the videos together have been viewed: 2 Million times on Youtube. 10 Million Times on Twitter. 2 Million Times On Facebook. Cost $0.00 (Mark F. Youtube Channel can be Viewed Here) His Videos has been shared by Dan Scavino Jr. ‏, Katrina Peirson, Cory, and Donald Trump himself for a full house
February 2016 – Tweet Katrina Pierson @KatrinaPierson Official National Campaign Spokeswoman
May 3 2016 – Picture of Mark F. –  (Indiana For Trump Video By Mark F.  – May 3, 2016) This Video Was Tweeted By Donald Trump

Mark F. Started his twitter account in 9/2015. Just to follow Trump and spread the message “My family did it right everyone else can too” His first follower was Linda Suhler, Ph.D. @LindaSuhler. “She help me a lot, how to use twitter the correct way, and gave me a lot tips. I can’t thank her enough”
“I learn quickly on twitter… images and videos get the most attention. I learned twitter like an art” “I never once spent a dime to promote the videos, my twitter account went from 1 follower to almost 40,000 as of today!” “I first started out with window movie maker, and using a 7 year old computer. I had to learn everything as I go”

Mark has been helping the Latinos for trump movement after he seen Jorge ‏@AmericanMex067 #LatinosForTrump sign in the media (September 2015). Mark helped push the movement by promoting #LatinosForTrump every day this year. He tweets with videos and images on twitter.
Early This year around February, Mark connected 100s of Latinos For Trump together on twitter with a chat group. “I spent countless hours last year making a list of latino trump supporters finding them on twitter last year” “I probally searched the whole twitter site” “Decided it was time to make a group, recruiting for them to join” “United together created a movement!”
Latinos For Trump connected with many great members such Marco @MarcoGutierrez and Trump Street Team @ChatRevolve who are leaders of #LatinosForTrump.

Interviewed about his effort. Mark said “I see this as a team effort, after some groups, such as Liberal Latino Rebels say trump only has 13% of the vote, but I say its way much higher”
After watching Mexican American Trump Supporter Marco @MarcoGutierrez tell Latinos Rebels, “Trump will get more latino support than Romney”, They laughed at him and hang up!

Tito Ortiz, Giving @Immigrant4trump a shout out, June 2016

But the reality — Trump received 44% of Latinos vote in Nevada, and has a nationwide support over 33% of Latinos and growing!
“We are connecting with new American Latinos for trump supporters everyday. I can see it growing!”
“To Battle the false media narratives that only a few Latinos support Trump. But in reality over millions of Latinos Support Trump!”
Mark F. Has Created many Latinos For Trump Video. But The Latinos For Trump Video Part 3 Received nationwide attention. Shared originally on youtube and twitter receiving over 100,000 views in 24 hours and then was shared by Dan Scavino Jr. Also Trump noticed the video and shared on his facebook. The video receieved Over 1 Millions views on facebook
Mark Said “This Video was team effort of over 10 video submissions by real American Latinos! Team work created it and This video has a life of its own!”

“I remember last year. It was October and its just me (Mark @Immigrant4trump and Jorge @AmericanMex067 promoting #LatinosForTrump hashtag on twitter. Just 1 or 2 tweets on the #LatinosForTrump hashtag a day. Today #LatinosForTrump by 100s of tweets a day.”

Screenshot of the Video, Shared on Trump’s Facebook. Received “Over 1 Million Views in One Day!”

The Video was shown on The Hannity Show, The Drudge, and the american mirror, Info Wars
VIDEO: Latino immigrants make spirited case for Donald Trump – Info Wars June 1, 2016
WATCH: Latino Voters Make The Case For Donald Trump – Hannity June 1, 2016
VIDEO: Latinos make spirited case FOR Donald Trump  – The American Mirror May 31, 2016 “The Latinos For Trump Video Received of 15,000 shares on the American mirror”

Mark F. Also created many Latinos For Trump Video. You can watch the series below! and “Watch The movement Grow!”
Latinos For Trump Part 1 – Released Mar 20, 2016 – Over 50,000 Views

Latinos For Trump Part 2 – Released Apr 6, 2016 – Over 20,000 Views

Latinos For Trump Part 3 – Released May 29, 2016 – Over 200,000 Views

Also Mark Had his other videos retweet/shared  5 times on twitter and 2 time on Facebook By Donald Trump Himself!
Check Them Out Below.
Make America Great Again! -Shared By Trump – April 4 2016

Trump Train – Shared By Trump (Trump Train – April 19, 2016)

Mark Mission is To Make Sure Trump is elected. “I will work everyday when I can to make sure Crooked Hillary is not elected President!” “and to give a Voice new latinos twitter users, I have 40,000 followers to back me up, Latinos For Trump”

Mark has been right, Trump Latinos Support has been increasing nationwide and also In Florida!

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